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EVM shouldn't be so complicated - EVM «lite»

The implementation of "traditional" Earned Value Management – EVM, as defined by the Standard ANSI 745B, poses significant challenges to an organization. The adoption of the EVM is often based on the approach "all or nothing" and requires a high level of maturity in project management (WBS, detailed planning, discipline, etc.).

The consequence of this situation is that many organizations find it too complicated and choose not to apply earned value. However, not applying earned value can be very negative for the success of the project.

Solution: a simplified (and yet efficient) approach that satisfies the principal 32 ANSI 748B requirements and can be applied on big as well on mid-size projects. This approach is based on deliverables and offers the main benefits of the traditional EVM with low operating costs and without unnecessary complexity.

Why EVM «Lite»?

 • EVM "lite" meets the majority of the requirements in project control and performance monitoring;
 • Requires a minimal effort for project managers;
 • The solution is aligned with most of the criteria of the Standard ANSI 745B;
 • The method is relatively easy to set up;
 • A simple Excel based tool is provided to automate the calculation;
 • Un outil est fourni pour automatiser le calcul
 • EVM "lite" can be an interesting solution for the application of EMV for all your projects.

Advantages of EVM «Lite»

 • Based on the progress of deliverables or project activities, as listed in the planning of each project; 
 • Based on high-level of project decomposition (phase or sub-phase);
 • Does not require the calculation of CAP-s (Control Account Points)
 • Deliverables/activities can easily be copied from the project plan;
 • Uses simple, but effective calculation rules;
 • Does not demand a special expertise from project managers.

An Example of EVM "Lite" Dashboard

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