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Project Business value Assessment

The RSM-Value is a tool designed to meet the requirements of the project selection process. The value of project proposals (demands) is assessed based on a multi-criteria method and the proposals are ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 (an overall project value assessment and u assessment for each group of criteria). In this way, the organization is able to select and prioritize projects based on an objective assessment of their value.

This is a decision-making tool that allows you to:

…assess the business value of the proposals/projects based on several criteria (not only financial);
…prioritize proposals/projects with an objective and quantified assessment;
…choose the right projects for the organization;
…measure the benefits, to track them and see if they are likely to be achieved.

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During project development, the benefits should be regularly validated by the one who will be responsible for their achievement.

RSM-Value - Demo

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Project Value-Five Perspectives


"My Project Is More Important Than Yours"

To prevent project selection decision based on "decibel management" (who is louder) or the simple hierarchical power, it is very important to involve senior management in the decision making process. A very simple way to do this is to include them in the establishment of the evaluation criteria’s relative value (process of weighting). This way, the business managers will start to consider the value assessment tool as their tool and create a solid and objective basis for decision-making.

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