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IT Projects Performance Management

There is no magic solution that will dramatically improve your development productivity. But ...

It is possible to implement a performance measurement system to increase the capacity of your organization to maximize return on IT investments, to effectively manage projects, and to minimize the risk of failure. This way, your organization will be able to ensure a quantitative control of IT processes which is the first step in the continuous improvement process.

We can help you implement this program and accompany you throughout the critical phases of its implementation.

Your results:

  1. Program of detailed measures adapted to your business reality
  2. Detailed process (What-When-Who-How) measurement program
  3. List of standardized indicators and measures
  4. Communication and change management plan
  5. The tools for performance data collection and analysis

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Our approach takes into account your project management maturity as well as your context and needs. It is scalable and can be aligned with your organizational and human capacity.

 1. Are your projects efficient?
 2. How to improve their performance?
 3. How to maintain their performance?
Do you have answers to these questions? If not, we can perhaps help you

"Our IT projects always cost more..."

How many times we have heard this from senior management. Truth? It depends. If you look in terms of investment, it is true; IT project expenses increase in an exponential way. However, the conclusion may be different if you compare these costs with the products delivered by IT projects. The crucial question is: The customer, internal or external, does he get more or less for his money? Without measuring what we have delivered to the customer, we cannot know whether IT projects always cost more or not..

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