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PPM Processes

You need a portfolio management process to:

  1. Have an overview of initiation and strategic project planning;
  2. Support the request prioritization to ensure that the organization is working on initiatives, which are aligned with an organizational strategy;
  3. Track and analyze portfolio performance to ensure that projects stay within the planned parameters;
  4. Identify and manage project and portfolio risks;
  5. Effectively manage resource utilization (Capacity Management) to ensure optimal resource allocation between project and maintenance activities.


What Is PPM ?

The project portfolio management process, according to our methodology, consists of 6 sub-processes:

  1. Portfolio Strategic Management
  2. Request Management
  3. Project Selection and Prioritization
  4. Portfolio Performance Management (Business Value Management)
  5. Portfolio Capacity Management
  6. Portfolio Risks Management


Characteristics of our approach:

 • Based on the best industry practices (PMI Standards);
 • Contains several decision points (multistage processes);
 • Prioritizes projects based on the project's value to the organization;
 • Proposes a multi-criteria method for assessing the value of projects;
 • Based on the collaboration of different stakeholders (break the organizational boundaries);
 • Allows you to adapt the implementation of the PPM processes to the reality of each organization;
 • Gives the first results quickly (after a few months) and shows that the solution works.


Not mature enough to project portfolio management?

We are not mature enough for project portfolio management." Sound familiar? Nothing is less true. In fact, the question is not if you are mature enough for PPM. The question is: Do you have projects and, if so, are you interested in managing them in the best interests of the organization? If the answer is positive, you need project portfolio management. The PPM practices you will use may not be so sophisticated and mature in the beginning, but that will come with time. The first step is to begin. Remember the Chinese saying: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So,...what are you waiting for?

You can do better

Typical PPM implementation: 12-18 months, risky, requires considerable resources, delivers limited results.

With our approach of gradual implementation, you can certainly do better.

Why Top-Down Approach?

Allows to implement parts of the solution that are fully functional;
Reduces the risk of failure by implementing the solution gradually;
Facilitates change management and increases adoption by involving users early in the process;
Synchronizes the implementation of the solution with the organizational capacity to "digest" the changes;
Adapts the implementation of the PPM processes to the reality of each organization;
Quickly gives the first results and demonstrates that the solution works.

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