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PPM Tools

We have developed a range of methodological and software tools for project portfolio management. Aside from that, we can help you in the choice and implementation of project portfolio management software, especially SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tools. To facilitate the implementation of these tools, we apply the "top-down" approach which, in the first place, targets the specific PPM functionalities (processes). So, you do not start the implementation at the project execution level (detailed project planning, tasks, assignments, time sheets, detailed resource management, etc.), which is, according to Gartner, the most common cause of PPM software implementation failure.

We can help you:

  1. Make an opportunity analysis of PPM tool implementation;
  2. Chose the solution that best meets your needs;
  3. Plan and coordinate the implementation according to the top-down approach;
  4. Configure the tool (forms, indicators, workflow, TB, reports, etc.);
  5. Build/adapt PPM processes/templates necessary to implement the tool;
  6. Make change management.
Here, you can see couple of screens of one of our realizations as well as the short demo of one cloud based PPM solution.
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Quelques exemples

Quelques exemples de l'Innotas

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PPM tools can be suited to :

  1. Top-down implementation approach
  2. Bottom-up implementation approach

Think about these questions before to Implement a PPM Tool

 - How many projects do you have in the portfolio?

 - What PPM functionalities do you want to implement?

 - What is your portfolio management maturity level?

 - Do you have a project management organizational infrastructure?

 - Is your organization prepared for the implementation of such a tool?

 - Prepare the implementation strategy (roadmap)

 - Implement it in a project mode and with a phased (modular) approach

 - Define the modules (functionalities) you want to implement and their relationships

"The path to successful project portfolio management will eventually lead to choosing a PPM tool. But you need to know where you're going first."

Aaron Smith,"The Path to PPM«

Why Working With RSM Techno?

RSM Techno is specialized in the implementation of SaaS PPM tools and in building the organizational structure supporting the use of these tools. We can assist you in the selection of the tool and in its implementation.

For more information or to schedule an online presentation of the tool, contact-us

Why SaaS and cloud?

 • Doesn't require the the acquisition (and maintenance) of software and hardware;
 • Reduces the risk of failure («Easy way in - Easy way out»);
 • PPM SaaS solutions are robust, secure and configurable;
 • New functionalities are available instantly and without fees;
 • Gradual implementation facilitates the user adoption;
 • Can be applied in the organizations which are not mature in project management (Level 1 and 2)



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